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Washington DC Textile Museum

posted Jul 31, 2011, 12:38 PM by Holly Latta

The Textile Museum in Washington DC was out of the way from the regular mall museums.  About a half hour of metro rides to Dupont Circle and walking will get you there with pleasant surroundings, and tempting shops the tourist traps cannot hold a candle to.

I respected the rules of not taking photos of the exhibits.  I love the old stuff enough to remember that my flash goes off even when I think it is turned off.  So here you are with a picture of the door.  Click the link above to visit their website to see some of the exhibits.

The theme that happened to be occurring while I was there was "Green".  Modern artists depicted eco topics, and used recycled materials, while the meaning of green in different cultures and societies was depicted in the historical art.

A reason to go, no matter what the exhibit, is the second floor educational area.  Fiber, fabric creation, embellishment, and sewing techniques are all covered in a very hands-on display for kids.  Touch the fibers, yarns, try your hand at a running stitch and plain weave... the topics were broken down enough to keep the interest of a grade school student, but grown ups will linger and read more, touch, and inspect the backs of all the examples.

The only museum specific products in the gift shop are tote bags hidden in the lower right hand corner.  They're worth a dig.  No catalogues of exhibits are available, but the products offered all  exemplified or benefited themes and concepts from past and present exhibitions.