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My Kind of Crazy

posted Jul 31, 2011, 12:48 PM by Holly Latta
It seemed silly to seek out and report on the Textile Museum in DC when it had been so long since I went to the Quilt and Textile Museum in my home town of San Jose.  So when my weaving instructor, Henelore Cole, mentioned she was asked to attend a workshop on Navajo weaving, I jumped at the chance to come along.

The exhibits are breathtaking.   Go.  It blows Washington DC out of the water.  I wish I could show you here, but I respect that photography is not allowed.

Within the Navajo workshop, were speakers from the Diné tribe in the Black Mesa region of Arizona.   The speakers were down to earth, but highly entertaining.  They had the kind of crazy that usually makes the people around me back away.

One lady squealed with delight at the sight of unprocessed Churro Wool.  She stuffed it into her face, took a big deep breath in, and sighed in contentment.  I know how she feels!  Another proudly presented a photo of her new boyfriend.  A Churro ram. I'm jealous!  

If you do not have a chance to purchase Diné tribe rugs at the San Jose museum, please visit their website, and purchase from the artisans directly.  Thanks!