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Huckleberry Box Weaving

posted Jul 31, 2011, 12:32 PM by Holly Latta


My daughter kept wanting a turn on my loom.  I finally gave her a beginner project, and she started in with filling the warping board.  Great!  But this means I had to wait to play with string.  That won't do.  So I wrapped a warp around a little cardboard box.  In the picture on the left above, you can see the notches and holes for the warp.  In the picture on the right, you can see the bottom weft getting woven in.

The thing is...  My daughter saw me playing with the box, and asked if she could have a turn with it!  "Sure!  Then I can go out and whitewash the fence!"

Obtain a box with warp and bottom finished for you

It was a fun little project.  I use the finished product as a little storage bucket.  The only hard part for a child would be the warp and filling in the bottom.

If you would like to purchase a box with the warp and bottom already added, click on the "Products" tab at