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Alameda County Fair 2011

posted Jul 31, 2011, 12:41 PM by Holly Latta

Spindle Spun Tapestry Basket (1st)

I just came back from picking up my weaving from the alameda county fair.  I highly recommend weavers enter their projects in local county fairs.  No matter how small or new you are to the craft, I think you will find it worth while.  A simple cardboard box project could take first place!  

Pattern Weave Clutch (2nd)

Not only is it a good boost for your ego personally, but you will be helping promote the craft itself.  Big space consuming equipment is not necessary for the simple concept of weaving to be expressed.  Help your community learn the basic concepts of weaving.  Simple projects that can be taught in grade school can be used to express complex creative expression!

Bolt of Twill (3rd)