Our founder, Holly Latta, is a student at the California School of Professional Fabric Design.  As a student of great names in the handweaving world, Holly noticed that there was a great discrepancy between the high tech industry, and the home craft.  Hand weavers are aging, and their knowledge is being lost.  Holly started scanning and typing to save thirty-year-old hand outs and information.  She noticed that she preferred to refer to her patterns in iBook form than with stickie notes and paper.  She looked for other weaving apps and found none.  Anywhere.  There are plenty of knitting and other fiber art references digitized.  Holly is a member of Ravelry and Craftster.  Now she is moving to preserve and update the home craft of weaving.  You may not replace your dining room table with a huge floor loom like she did, but she will certainly make the craft more accessible, affordable, and fun for you!

Below is a copy of an executive summary of our current business plan.  Please contact for interviews, blog exchanges and other media requests.
Holly Latta,
Aug 2, 2011, 7:18 PM